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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  February 22, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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hello everybody i am denise koch. >> i am vick carter. >> a winter weather advisory in effect through the night in parts of maryland. it is slick out there and road crews are at the ready. bob has more on what we are dealing with. bob. >> we have been stuck with temperatures from the city north and west, around 31, 32 degrees. it has only taken a trace from 1/100th of an inch to cause these conditions. we have still freezing drizzle. a little batch moving south of the region now. it is warmer down there. glen burr knee and north of dc,
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north it is all at 32 degrees or lower. that has been the issue. 34 dc. 34 east. temperatures at or below freezing. we still have that winter weather advisory until 6:00 a.m. in the city south, until 10:00 a.m. for areas north and west to have city. after this mess gets out of here the weekend is looking a lot better. more on that coming up in the full forecast. thank you bob. major legal action against johns hopkins hospital. tens of millions in possible lawsuits filed after a gynecologist is asuesed of secretly -- accused of secretly taping them. >> reporter: the first of two lawsuits were filed in court today and many more expected to come. >> i just can't believe it. >> that is a violation.
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>> just shocking. >> reporter: patient after patient of dr. levy in shock. the obgyn who worked at johns hopkins for 25 years under investigation for secretly video taping his patients. >> i even felt so comfortable i referred my own mother to him. >> reporter: a patient for six years filed one of the first lawsuits against his estate and the hospital. >> i had no idea, this man, was capable of doing such acts. >> reporter: 685 patients have signed on for another class action lawsuit against johns hopkins. attorneys say the hospital did not do enough to protect patients. >> what did he do with these images? did he put them on any site some place? did he sell them? have they been deseminated. >> reporter: they believe he used a camera hidden inside his pen to tape some patients.
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that invasion has some paranoid. >> number one question i will ask is can i see your pen. >> reporter: johns hopkins released a statement saying in part any invasion of patient privacy is intolerable. the behaviour violates johns hopkins code of conduct and privacy policyagainst everything for which johns hopkins medicine stands. police are now sifting through an extensive amount of evidence found inside the doctor's home. live in east baltimore, megan mccorkle. >> thank you. the doctor saw about a thousand patients during his time at johns hopkins. another shake up in the baltimore police department, days after a training instructor, shot a trainee in the head. there is some good news tonight in this case. mary bubala, on the improving condition of the wounded trainee. >> reporter: ten days ago a
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university of maryland, police trainee was rushed to a helicopter suffering a gunshot wound to the head. >> he is stable but any thoughts or predictions about long term neurologic outcome are way way too early. >> reporter: the recruit was shot by his training officer william scott kern who mistook his service weapon for a training weapon during an exercise inside the old rosewood center. less than two weeks later sources tell wjz that trainee is taking a little and able to recognize people. police commissioner, has visited the bedside. >> doctors said he is progressing better than they expected but this will be a long road. when you have those type of injuries he has sustained you can never be too sure we are out of the woods. >> reporter: the commissioner shut down the police academy for a week, six officers in the
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chain of command suspended. a wjz revealed a lack of staffing and supervision and that leadership didn't know the old hospital site was being used for training. maryland state police now conducting an investigation into what went wrong. now two of those six officers suspended after the shooting have been reinstated four are still off the job tonight. massive automatic spending cuts take effect in just over a week unless congress reaches a compromise. everyone from food inspectors to fbi agents will lose their jobs. republicans are accusing the white house of using scare tactics to raise taxes. a among the many areas impacted if cuts take effect, maryland's airports. widespread delays at bwi and smaller airports shut completely. kai jackson has more on the looming travel crisis. kai. >> reporter: national leaders are preparing the public for a
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worst case scenario. those we talked to tonight at bwi marshall hope travel nightmares will be avoided. a budget battle in washington dc could have a ripple effect on air travel across the country. the obama administration is warning the so called sequester could be devastating. >> flights to major cities like new york, chicago, san francisco and others could experience delays up to 90 minutes during peak hours. >> reporter: it is a high stakes debate with $85 billion in potential cuts on the line. >> i think for the most part posturing on both sides. yeah, posturing. >> reporter: transportation officials say is he quest ration could force furloughs of air traffic controllers. control towers across the country would close. in maryland, towers at five regional and local airports could close. like martin state airport in baltimore county.
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[ audio difficulty ] all right here in maryland, if those spending cuts do go into effect those five regional airports would close starting april 1st. back to you. >> thank you kai. spending cuts take effect at control towers at regional airports would shut down as kai indicated starting april 1st. justice department and postal service go after lance armstrong. the government claims he and his team, owe more than $30 million, in sponsorship money. the u.s. postal service paid lance armstrong millions to wear its logo. now the government wants that money back. the justice apartment accuses the cyclist of defrauding the postal service. the cyclist denied drug accusations when he road for the postal team but last month he admitted to oprah winfrey he
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doped his way through seven titles. >> i have used this situation as one big lie i repeated a lot of times. >> reporter: he was in settlement negotiations with government lawyers but talks broke down because the two sides were tens of millions of dollars apart. in a statement the justice department says and i quote lance armstrong and his team took more than 30 million from the u.s. postal service based on their contractual promise to play fair and abide by the rules including those rules against doping. but armstrong's attorneys say their client's drug use did not damage the postal agency and may have benefited it by $100 million. armstrong said he will not talk to u.s. anti doping officials. one of baltimore's favorite desserts disappears. deliviers of burger cookies
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were cut off. the health department shut down the company for operating without a license. they have their license once again and operations will resume next week. two of the biggest names in music are joining forces and coming to baltimore. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> jay z and justin timber lake will perform as part of their legends for summer tour. tickets won't go on sale until next week. fans can get presale tickets on the live nation facebook page. he is just known as beyonce's husband now. >> i know. >> coming up on the run, as the search continues for those involved in a wild gun fight on the vegas strip new information. why researchers fear these
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fish are the result of a growing problem. super bowl champion raven calling it quits. why he chose a school to announce his retirement. freezing drizzle, will give way to a warmer saturday, i am bob turk. first warning forecast coming up next
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31 degrees some drizzle in central maryland. flood waters over take athens greece. sudden and heavy rains continue for most to have day causing rivers to over flow. rising water trapped people in their homes and carried vehicles down stream. one woman suffered a heart attack and died trying to escape the flood. they received more than 1,000 emergency calls. medical helicopter crashes, 100 feet from a nursing home. two of the three people onboard were killed a third person was pulled from the wreckage. they were travelling to pick up a patient. no one on the ground was seriously injured. search continues for a gunman who triggered a wild and deadly shoot out on the las vegas strip. it involved hamas arety and a
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taxi cab. the driver of the maserati was an aspiring rapper named kenny cherry. someone opened fire on his vehicle, following an argument in a valet area of a casino. the driver and passenger in the taxi also died in the accident. after four days of testimony, oscar pistorias is released on bail. the judge expressed doubt saying he shot his girlfriend, thinking she was an intruder. the federal government will auction off items, jesse jackson junior bought with campaign contributions. he pled guilty to spending $750,000 on his personal life. a rock star guitar, mounted elk heads and bruce lee memorbilia. proceeds will go towards paying
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back the government and donors. researchers say there is a growing concern in lake tahoe because of a growing population of goldfish. the fish we usually see in homes, are now living and thriving in lakes and streams. because people are emptying their aquariums into open water. they are afraid the giant goldfish will upset the ecology and food chain of the lake. ravens super bowl victory in new orleans, is the last game of matt burkes nfl career. as mary bubala reports he made the announcement, helping children, learn to read. did your hear the ravens won the super bowl? >> yes. >> reporter: his shirt said it all. finish everything. today ravens center matt burke did just that announcing his retirement after 15 seasons in the nfl. >> to have the honor of playing here 4 years, playing under
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coach harbaugh and his staff, it was truly an honor and you know to cap it with a super bowl win -- >> reporter: burke a harvard graduate, made the announcement at a school where his new foundation will build a reading center. fifth grader, larry bryant, won over matt's heart with his love for the ravens. >> we are going to call it the larry bryant, reading oasis so kids that come through here after you will know about you too and how special you are okay? >> reporter: what does it feel like to have this friendship with matt burke? >> awesome. like awesome. >> reporter: burke says he will miss these moments, but can't wait to spend more time with his own children. >> i have six kids and it is just time i really enjoy
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football, i've got to play for a long time i have been very fortunate but, i just feel like it is time to do something else. >> reporter: with that said, one last huddle for number 77. >> one, two, three. >> ravens. [ applause ] >> reporter: we are going to miss matt burke. and he says he informed coach harbaugh of his decision just yesterday. mary bubala wjz eyewitness news. his teammate, tory smith tweeted he is a great role model and parent. >> he is awesome. >> yes,. >> and very bright young man as well. harvard grad. we had not so nice weather around the region, saverna park north temperatures at or below the freezing mark. the trees right now, a little
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glaze. take a look at temperatures around here at the airport, still down 1 degree no wind at all, 31, not being moved around, 96 percent humidity, dew point up to 30. temperatures will get above freezing probably 3 or 4 in the morning we expect things to begin to liberate somewhat from the ice by early morning. barometer holding steady, 34, south of the area, just some light drizzle light rain no icing issues, pretty much from this line, saverna park north and west. 29 and 30 degrees. rainfall amounts have only been 1 to 2/100ths of an inch. with the ice you can see it on the cars and fences and trees. just a light glaze that will continue just a little longer south of us 35 now annapolis, we will start getting a little
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more southeast flow wind will pick up and bring warmer air in, during the the overnight. now the main storm actually dying out over parts of the great lakes to bring snow. chicago picked the best 4 or 5 inches. it is just about gone. here in the east, warmer air, riding over the colder air created a batch of light drizzle. a few snowflakes. south of us, rain that will move in tomorrow, along with warmer air. this whole region, north and west under that winter weather advisory. we've got mild air coming in, along with rain. it will move offshore. milder air sunday, early to next week temperatures will run, above normal. picking up on the bay. the bay temp around 37 degrees sunrise 6:48 a.m. sets 5:53 p.m. a little spotty, freezing rain. 32 rising to the mid-40s with
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rain and drizzle probably ending by middle, late afternoon becomes breezy behind the low pressure next 5 days, 48 sunday sun comes back 50 on monday. that is above average, 48 showers 48 partly cloudy skies next wednesday. >> do my best thank you bob. how do you orioles repeat their success of last season. >> adam jones, more from the orioles star next in sports
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mark is here with our wjz 13 fans report. we are optimistic about the orioles. >> sunshine will do that. after two weeks of working on fundamentals of pitching, hitting, fielding and base running the os finally get to put their preparation to the test with the first exhibition game in sarasota tomorrow.
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adam jones and the os will take on the twins, it will be the first of 34 florida warm ups leading up to the season opener in april. they are hoping to build off a 2012 season anything but regular. 93 victories their first playoff appearance in 15 years jones was asked what will it take to be as good this year as last. >> consistency, doing what we did last year, that is what got us there. that is what got us there. >> jones has limited time with the team this spring n. 10 days he leaves camp to play for team usa, and the baseball classic. college lacrosse will take center stage here tomorrow. national champ loyola, plays host to maryland. they are ranked number one in the national coaches poll.
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in college park the turns play host to clemson. they upset duke saturday then three days later, this lacklustre game at boston college. there are inconsistencies that come with such a young team but he likes what he sees. >> we are growing up, slowly, some times, you know, some times -- i have done this a long time guys and rebuilt before. people don't like hearing that word around here but we are on schedule. >> against clemson, noon tomorrow college park. finally ravens safety, ed reid gets an unusual assignment he will work the red carpet at the academy awards in l.a. this week. he is serving as the oscars correspondent for the nfl network interviewing celebrities before they enter
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the kodak theatre. 11 years in his career, coming off a super bowl victory. his work at the oscars could be an audition for his next career. because we have heard him sing, that is not the next career. >> maybe oscars. i can't imagine him saying, what are you wearing. >> thank you. coming up, sounding off. >> it is a tiny amphibian
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here is something you have to hear to believe. a frog from south africa who
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doesn't sound very froggy [ chirping noise ] >> that is the rain frog. the tiny amphibian is less than 2 inches long uses that squeak as a distress call to deter predators. no word if it will be added to the see and save toys. but who could hurt a little frog that sounds like that? >> yeah, a hawk. >> did you see it
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